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Love Remedies
by Harald W. Tietze, Juta Stepanovs, Ingfried Hobert M.D.
Love Remedies

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Published by Harald Tietze Publications
Format: Perfect bound. A5. 210 pages.
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The Creation of "Living" Flower Essences
Australia's Wild Plant Power
Healing Power from the Outback
Flower Essences - Some Basics
We are Pure Energy
What are Flower Essences?
Flower Essences, Good Vibrations
Flower Essences & Self Healing Principles
How do Flower Essences Work?
Creating Flower Essences and the Love Remedies
The Sun Method
The Cooking Method
Sun and Moon Method
The Trenorden Method
The Birth of Love Remedies  Stepanovs Method
First, Do No Harm
Good Water, Better Remedies
Water - but what type?
The pH of the Alpha Essences
Preparation of Love Remedies
Love Remedies for our Times
Advantages of the Stepanovs Method
Each Flower's Gift
Observing characteristics and behaviour
Intuitive insight
Folk Knowledge
Spiritual Energies of Plants
Selecting Your Remedies -  Which is the Right One?
Trusting one's own intuition
Choosing by Intuition
Intuitive Success
Become Your Own Healer
Blessings at Billungah
Muscle Testing (Kinesiology)
How to use Love Remedies
Three forms of Love Remedies
Other Ways to Enjoy Your Essences
More on Anointing
Auric Massage
Affirmations Enhance Love Remedies
Dosage and Use
Dropper Bottles & Pump Sprays
Best Times to Take Your Essence
Water Quality
Surface Tension
How big is One Drop?
Love Remedies: Elementary Healing Benefits 
    Angelica Banana Black Eyed Susan Bottle Brush Bush Fuchsia Cherry Coral Tree Dagger Hakea Dog Rose Everlasting Fan Flower Fig Grey Mangrove Grey Spider Flower Guava Illawarra Flame Tree Isopogon Jacaranda Kangaroo Paw Lantana Macadamia Manna Gum Mistletoe Mountain Devil Old Man Banksia Olive Papaya Passion Flower Pigface Pittosporum Plumbago Red Grevillea Ribbon Gum Sensitive Plant She Oak Female She Oak Male Silky Oak Slender Rice Flower Stinging Tree Sunshine Wattle Tea Tree Waratah Wedding Bush Wild Rose Worrei
The Love Remedy Blends
    Anti Stress Change Compassion Confidence Crisis Feminine Focus Happiness Inner Peace Masculine Self-love Sexuality Spirituality Success Wisdom
Making Your Personal Blend Love Remedy Blends for Animals Vibrational Healing Vibrational Remedies Working with Auras and Chakras The Human Aura What Causes Aura Imbalances? What can recharge the Aura? Reading Aura Colours What is a Chakra? The Major Chakras Enhancing Your Environment Spiritual Cleansing What Are We Cleansing? The Environment Mists Purification Protection Healing Harmonising Spaces Sea Salt Some Simple Steps for Cleansing Spaces What are some of the Causes of Disease? Love Remedies for Emotional and Behavioural Imbalances
    Anger Blockages Changes Communication Depression Egoism Fear Guilt Jealousy Mind Nervous tensions Physical Self love Sexuality Shock Stress
Gentle Therapy for Children Strong Emotions can have the Same Effect as Strong Medication Eliminating Other Causes of Emotional Imbalance Depressive Foods Environments that Create Stress Earthrays The Twelve Pathways to Unconditional Love and Happiness Bibliography Seminars, Workshops
For further Love Remedies information, visit these "Kneipp Cure" website pages (will launch in new window):

"I Access my Powers Through the Energy of Flowers"

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