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Give the birds a fair go!
The UFO Bird Scare
The bird that saves millions of other birds

Bird scares for windows
UFO Bird scare on window
To stop birds from flying into a glass window, the shape of a predator bird is enough to alert the bird to the danger and take evasive action. Tests show that only the shape of the predator is necessary and the color does not matter so much.

In Germany, glass wind protection against wind on bridges and hills, bus shelters with glass areas and windows of many public buildings are decorated with bird-protecting eagle-shaped stickers.

Why do common bird scares not work?

With a bird scare in the garden it is a bit different. Here is food, and plenty of it and it is there for several weeks, from early ripening stage to harvest. Many people harvest the fruit before it is are fully ripe, so that they get it and not the birds. To defend the crops against birds involves more tricks. All the bird scares work only for a very short period of time. Even stuffed falcons and eagles have a very limited scare effect. This applies also to the black predatory bird shapes, which are 100% effective for windows. Tests have shown that the bird scare effective for windows is ineffective in the garden.

The UFO Bird Scare

Natural scientist, Harald Tietze, has studied birds since early childhood. He came up with a brilliant idea, the UFO bird scare, which has proved in field tests to be very successful.

The reason why birds are repelled by the shape of a predator on a window is a moment of fear by the bird.

Birds are eye-animals as dogs, for example, are nose-animals. A scare for birds must come from the vision of the bird. The problem is, that the birds see extremely well, which is the reason for the ineffectiveness of the common bird scares. “It must be a bird scare they can not identify, some kind of an UFO bird scare”, says Harald.

Through his research he found, that birds (next to no exceptions) cannot see the colour blue. This is easy to demonstrate by using a blue light to catch birds at night. A human can see the bird in the blue light but the bird cannot see the human. By approaching the bird with blue light, one can see that the birds become nervous and make movements to run away, but they can not see and are easily caught. The conclusion from the fact that birds can not see blue is that they can not identify any blue subjects properly, they only see the shape. An eagle or falcon-shaped object is memorized as a shadow - but where is the real bird, the real danger? Since the object is seen only as a shadow, the predator must be in the air, casting the shadow on the ground. Since the real bird can not be identified as well, the birds go further away to be out of the danger zone and enjoy neighbour's fruits, with less risk. With all this in mind, the shape of the predator becomes the saver of millions of birds without any harm to birds.

If you care for birds, protect them with the UFO Bird stickers - it's only a few cents and lasts for many years.

Give the birds a fair go and stick the UFO birds on your windows. Ask the institutions with big windows like Clubs, Schools, and office blocks to have a heart for the birds.

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